Who we are - A team that loves to create.

Who we are - A team that loves to create.

30 years of COMBINED EXPERIENCE we have the know-how you need.

Results:  Strengthening links between service providers, your customers, and your brand. Encouraging and associate your brand with professional success and personal fulfillment. Increase confidence.

These objectives are benchmarks for our work and presentations, inspiring confidence, encouragement, and guidance.

It is you who brings it to life, and creates a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

One % Better Every Day - Education and Training - Technical expertise, as the former education and training director for L'Oreal Professional USA, ongoing professional and personal development boils down to a simple method of

I am, I think, I will 

This training method serves as your guide, what’s special about this method it not only focuses on professional training and techniques, it specifically covers individual satisfaction and achievement.

Before you begin, think about what you want to achieve.

Your objectives lie within four areas:

I am- What you want to achieve linked to core values.

I think- What you need to achieve your goal the core fundamentals of success. 

I will - What you can and cannot do. 

Guiding Principles.

  1. Focus 

All of us have a need for acknowledgment, a need to be heard, a need to be listened to. Paying this respect creates trust and avoids placing individuals or yourself on the defensive.

It also prompts participants to "Open up more" by concentrating on the participant we become more in tune with the needs and goals of each person.

Focusing on the participant allows us to gauge several key elements.

Assess the level of comprehension.

Identifies those who appear to be "fast learners" as well as those having more difficulty understanding.

Lastly, it gives clues on pacing when to speed up or slow down, or take a break.

This focus creates a partnership. This ensures that an impersonal relationship does not occur. Rather they should be made to feel as if "everyone is in it together " and that they are a team.

2. Draw on play and surprise 

Learning is more fun when concentrating comes naturally and is not forced. It is so important to teach in a fun atmosphere as opposed to a dull one.

Emphasizing play not only makes the experience more relaxing it encourages safety in expressing revealing ambitions. It reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously, which also contributes to a relaxed, enjoyable learning environment.

3. Demanding Quality

What we do is demanding; Playing games and having fun does not mean that life is not taken seriously or that demands are not met. On the contrary, it may become necessary to be even more demanding when play is involved so the learning experience stays under control.

We can establish a strong position as an industry leader in the world of innovative business development.

4. Choosing to see the positive

This principle puts into practice the true spirit of I'am, I' Think I will method of education, participants will have an easier time expressing ideas and thoughts and will excel with even more ease when the tone stays consistently positive.

This means offering constructive criticism, rather than criticism, helping participants identify their strong points more easily.

Addressing each person, in a fashion that they feel like the most important person in the room. This too promotes positive feelings.

Common sense 1 % better every morning put away any unnecessary worries, and focus on a great time you will be having. Concentrate on the enriching experience you will be walking into and think about the new and interesting individuals you will be meeting.

5. Ration and emotional modes

Leading in dual modes, rational and emotional, is very specific to the I am, I think, I will method. Success harmoniously combines the two modes, both of which are basic to each person, therefore, come naturally to each person.

Emotion includes contact with each person/client.

Rational deals with more technical objectives such as organization, efficiency, profitability, and technique. Combing the two is critical to each person's success.

"The beauty biz is more complex, going beyond providing excellent customer service, or groundbreaking products."

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