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Welcome to your first mission. Bring Alan Bennett’s quote to life.

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We're dedicated to getting to know each and every one of you on a personal and authentic level. Your journey with us is about building genuine connections, and we're excited to have you on board.


Welcome to our game! While it's not always necessary, we truly enjoy getting to know the wonderful individuals who play our game. When you embark on your first mission, after subscribing, you'll receive a warm welcoming call. This call is a gentle reminder that being a part of this gaming experience is a celebration of the human connection. Enjoy your journey with us!

Playing Cards!

Power Card 50 TK

Here, playing cards are at your fingertips for download, or you can easily capture a screenshot. We kindly request that you submit these cards along with any comments or thoughts you have about each one. Your engagement adds a unique dimension to the experience, and we're thrilled to have you participating. Enjoy your card-playing journey!


First Month Free: Discover MindQuest – your monthly ticket to a world of limitless possibilities.


MindQuest ©**Community Rules and Guidelines:**

To ensure a harmonious and enriching experience for all members, we've set forth a few simple rules and guidelines:

1. **Respect and Kindness:** Treat your fellow community members with respect and kindness. We encourage open-minded discussions and a supportive atmosphere where everyone's voice is valued.

2. **Inclusivity:** Embrace diversity and inclusivity. Our community is a space where people from all backgrounds are welcome to share their unique perspectives.

3. **Positive Vibes:** Spread positivity and constructive energy. Encourage each other's creativity and growth through uplifting interactions.

4. **MindQuest Focus:** Keep discussions and interactions centered around MindQuest experiences, assignments, and topics related to self-discovery and exploration.

5. **Privacy and Consent:** Respect the privacy of others. Don't share personal information without permission, and be mindful of the impact of your words and actions.

6. **No Promotions:** While sharing experiences is encouraged, refrain from promoting external products, services, or platforms. Our focus is on MindQuest and the community's collective journey.

7. **Helpful Contributions:** Contribute to the community's growth by sharing insights, feedback, and suggestions that enhance the MindQuest experience.

8. **Report Concerns:** If you encounter any content or behavior that violates these guidelines or makes you uncomfortable, please report it to the community moderators.