Two is better than one, start selling online products and services.

At Unifie, you have peace of mind selling products and services online; our marketing multiplier system helps grow your business, network, and knowledge.

Headlines: Future of Ecommerce

Growth predictions expect that the Australian eCommerce market will balloon from around AUD 13.9 billion in 2017 to AUD 21.7 billion by the end of 2022 Transdirect

Ecommerce US, businesses should anticipate a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. These figures show a future of steady upward trend with no signs of decline. But, what's even more interesting is that the global eCommerce sales have been steadily eating up the worldwide retail market. Beeketing 

Does eCommerce have a future?

US B2B eCommerce sales might grow to $6.6 trillion this year. There is a growing trend where companies buy software, products, and services for their workforce. It has never been more critical for companies to have the software to automate as many processes as possible. 3 Dec 2020 Oberlo

Unifie has two online selling options.

eCommerce self-manage and eCommerce turn-key

eCommerce self-manage

Unifie eCommerce self-manage: Best for companies or individuals who have a dedicated team, has authority to manage your account, experience in the following areas. 

  • eCommerce
  • Existing website
  • Multiple online selling channels
  • Manage products and services
  • Access to banking detail, social media platforms
  • Upload inventory
  • Manage shipping and handling logistics
  • SEO and keyword management
  • Authority to approve coupons and discounts

Unifie eCommerce self-manage membership is ideal for manufacturers, distributors, multi-store locations, and service providers.  

eCommerce turn-key

Unifie eCommerce turn-key: Best for companies or individuals, who need support, want to sell products and services online, and have an internet presence without the hassle of navigating the setup. We set you up and get you going.

  • Your eCommerce account
  • Upload inventory
  • Manage products and service
  • SEO and keyword management
  • Web presence (shop products directory)
  • It is ideal for smaller businesses looking to focus on the front end of their business. At the same time, we monitor and promote their products and services.

Unifie: The marketing multiplier system minimizes marketing overhead,  maximizes your team’s uniqueness, low-cost membership starts here

The power of two: Enjoy white-label content and Unifie branded content, share content on existing social media platforms, websites, and e-mail marketing lists. 

Unifie branding content notifies its subscribers using social media platforms and other professional vendors.

We work alongside generating marketing content, blog posts, insert promotional banners with a matching post.

 "We want to support the growth of your business, not take over your business." 

Our motto: "Do what you do best, and we can help with the rest." 

Mission: Sync beautifully with your business, bring you new business, enhances your brand, add multiple distribution and marketing channels.


Step 2. Individual Booking System Setup Why $100.00 ?

Individual Booking Page

Booking page sections

Each Booking page contains the following sections, which you can customize for your scheduling requirements:

It's your page the booking system goes where you go it's directly linked to your calendar. There is no setup or learning we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Booking page sections

Scheduling options Define your scheduling scenario, you can decide:

  • If you want to use Automatic booking or Booking with approval mode.
  • If Customers will book single sessions or Session packages.
  • If you want to offer one-on-one sessions or group sessions.

Time slot settings

Control how time slots are displayed to your Customers.

  • Set the meeting duration.
  • Control how often time slots are offered.
  • Set limits on the available time presented to your Customer.
  • Control time zone behavior.

Recurring availability

  • Specify your availability pattern that repeats every week.

Date-specific availability

  • Specify your availability for specific days if your availability differs on specific calendar dates, or if your availability pattern is highly variable from week to week.

Associated calendars

  • Control all the settings that relate to your connected Calendar.

Conferencing / Location settings

  • Specify the type of meeting location you use: a virtual meeting or a face-to-face meeting.

Booking form and redirect

  • Set the meeting subject, choose the Booking form you wish to use, and decide what happens when your Customer submits the Booking form.

Customer notifications

  • Control the email and SMS notifications sent to your Customers, including scheduling confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

Cancel/reschedule policy

  • Define the time frame during which Customers are permitted to cancel and reschedule a booking, customize the policy description presented to Customers, and choose whether Customers should provide a cancellation/reschedule reason.

Public content

  • Provide information about the Booking page owner. This will be displayed to customers when they make a booking.

Seller's Page

Seller's page sections

Each Seller's page contains the following sections, which you can customize for your page:

It's your page, the Seller's page that goes where you go all social media feeds in one place, feature your favorite product,

Seller's page sections

The Sellers Page contains all there is to know about you! As you post on social media your seller's page automatically updates we believe that each member is so unique that they all should be able to express that uniqueness to the world. Your seller's page has your booking page, highlights your favorite product, special booking links, and can be upgraded to a full e-commerce site.

It's simple we set it all up all you need to do is copy the link and share.

About you

  • Show who you are and your very own personal style.
  • Share your influences? connect with others with the same taste and like-minded thinking.
  • Be heard, have something to say post a video or blog post.

Social Media one spot fits all.

Control message to your customers, and how to most effectively use your social media feeds when promoting, educating, or inspiring.

  • Facebook | Instagram | Pintriest | Twitter
  • Automated update.
  • Gain more followers.
  • Control the feed it's your virtual calling card.

Booking Page

  • It's your page is embedded into your seller's page for easy access and booking.


  • The love of one product, highlight your favorite product and sell directly from your page.