What we believe "Keep it Simple"

Bring new business "Do what you do best we can help with the rest."  Enhance your brand and add multiple distribution and marketing channels.


Our industry is fragmented the traditional model of doing business while still very successful is evolving.

The individual independent service provider is connected by a common brand entity.

Each employer/employee/interdepend contractor is a solo entrepreneur.

Today you need a booking system, e-commerce platform, and marketing.

That's where UNIFIE comes in! Have a question.




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What we do!

Mastering the future is vital to your business success. 

As solo entrepreneurs, the ability to adapt, learn to use technology is vital to your business success.




Discover what you love and your goals, evaluate ADAPT, and improve.


Design a blueprint for your success, sync bookings, products along with your unique seller's page.


Your profile, reputation, booking services, specific retail products, price structure, and social connection.


Implement effective ways that maximize the best side of you, what products you love, a booking system that connects with clients with the use of blog posts, social media outlets, and personalized service links.



Use Keywords, SEO, Google Analytics, to grow, monitor, and progress, each step of a long journey with planning, execution, evaluation. Analysis data, interpret and make actionable.

Update "Assurance"

Your own productive GPS, know where you are at all times, receive as much information you need, and we keep an eye on the rest.


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Sellers Page


Your very own sellers page displays your profile, booking links, social media feeds, blog posts, sell products and offer promotions.

Booking Page


A scheduling superpower designed to help you connect with prospects and customers through all stages of the ONLINE BOOKING SOLUTIONS.

Your booking page comes with:

Unlimited events or services

Three additional booking pages for specialized links to events or services.

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Social Media Feed






Linked In


Highlight specific pages, news feeds gain more followers, showcase your latest inspirations and trends.

Favorite Product


An e-commerce platform, pre-sell services, offer product promotions highlight your favorite product share what makes them unique to you and how you use them.

Who Are We!

Story of Jenny

Excited: Jenny opens a business, Jenny is competing with her staff and other businesses. Jenny has hopes and dreams most of all, Jenny loves what she does.

Frustration: Jenny gets tired, but has great ideas and wants to grow but does not know-how. Over time effort - let down - frustration - Isolation Jenney now has to make decisions; add more staff, rent a station do hair at home, sell her business or close her doors.

Disappointed: The team has dispersed clients are confused, staff members are disenchanted the revolving door keeps turning.

What we do! 

Support Jenny with systems and operation we partner with Jenny "Not just as a mentor or coach but at every level of her operation," we take off some of the pressure, relieve the stress so she can get on track leading her business and team.

What makes this work? 

We create, coach, and implement operational functional systems you monitor to the front end of your business ( If that is what you love to do, work with clients and team members ) we work the backend.

Booking System, Website updates, Marketing, and Social media post,  Individual sellers page.

Our goal for you is to get one new client in your door your goal is to keep them coming back and we repeat.

ATTRACT new business
BUILD your customer base
GROW your business

“Online booking will soon surpass what front desk staff can do after a guest tries online booking once they continue to use this channel.”

Every business needs a constant flow of new clients, in 3 years you may well lose half of your salon client base.

Our methodology; Understand your PASSION, DESIGN education training, and digital marketing that matches your level of SUCCESS.

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