This could be anyone of us.

Excited to open a business, we inherently think about who our competition is the staff and other businesses. Our hopes and dreams how to bring them to reality, and  most of all, doing what we  love.

As time goes by frustration, weariness the great ideas begin to fade the desire to grow changes into how to get by, consumed with daily tasks and lack on knowledge turns into effort, let down, frustration, Isolation now decisions need to be made on how to stay afloat do I add more staff, rent a station do hair at home, sell the business or close her doors.

Disappointed: The team has dispersed clients are confused, staff members are disenchanted the revolving door keeps turning.

What we do!  Support you each step of the way, with systems and operation strategies, your virtual partner. Not just as a mentor or coach but at every level of your operation, we take off some of the pressure, relieve the stress so you can get on track leading your business and team.

What makes this work?  We create, coach, and implement operational functional systems you monitor the front end of your business ( If that is what you love to do, work with clients and team members ) we work the backend of your business.  Booking System, Website updates, Marketing, and Social media post,  Individual sellers page.

Our goal for you is to get one new client in your door your goal is to keep them coming back and we repeat.

ATTRACT new business BUILD your customer base GROW your business.

“Online booking will soon surpass what front desk staff can do after a guest tries online booking once they continue to use this channel.”

Every business needs a constant flow of new clients, in 3 years you may well lose half of your salon client base.

Our methodology; Understand your PASSION, DESIGN education training, and digital marketing that matches your level of SUCCESS.



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